logbox Security

When speaking about security, we actually cover more than just one layer. Security is comprised of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Logbox is developed, hosted and secured at the Microsoft Windows® Azure™ datacenter, a world leading cloud provider, delivering the highest levels of availability, performance and security.

Microsoft Windows® Azure™ is operating in a geographically distributed facility. While running 24/7 the facility is taking various measures to protect operations from power failure, physical intrusion and network outage. External access to our servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, load balancers and routers, which are configured and monitored according to industry best practices. Please read more about Azure's security features and capabilities


Logbox Is better secured than your own desktop environment. With Logbox your data isn't stored on your computer - e.g. if your computer crashes, or gets lost, or stolen, all your data remains completely safe and unaffected.

In addition to Microsoft's responsibility for the datacenter, we take our own measures to better secure the data stored in our own databases.


Our servers have SSL certificates so all data transferred between the users and the service is encrypted.

User Access & Permissions:

Only persons invited by you, with user permission levels selected by you, will have access to your organization's data. You can remove any user(s) whenever you want. You also have the option to invite Customer Care for support purposes only, at your total discretion.

Password Protection:

At a minimum, Logbox takes the following measures to protect your password:

Users must choose a strong password

Automatic lockouts are enforced when incorrect passwords are repeatedly entered

Activation of a new password can be done only via access to email account.

The browser is not allowed to save your login (which eliminates access from a stolen or compromised computer) and, in addition

Stored passwords are encrypted - even we can't see your password.

Data Protection and Backup:

Our service has been designed for high availability, with redundancy built into every level of our hosting infrastructure, including redundant power, network, database and web servers.

All customer data is backed up daily. Every transaction is saved into three different servers so we can immediately recover your data in case of hardware failure. We also run a continuous backup into a secondary facility for further data protection. We also run a continuous background task which backs-up the data into a back-up facility for further real-time data protection.


We work very hard to keep logbox secure. Here are some additional simple steps you can take in order to keep your password better protected:

Create a password nobody can guess, so don't use dictionary words or family names. Be cryptic or use multi-word pass phrases - easy to remember, hard to crack.
Don't share your password with anybody.
Don't write your password on a sticky note and attach it to your computer.
Keep your browser software up to date.
Make sure you only login at logbox
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